Top Cosmetic Dentist in Elmhurst, IL

In the heart of Elmhurst, there’s a place where smiles transform, where confidence is reborn, and where Dr. Mohammad Al-Asadi of Cottage Hill Dental Care works his magic. If a radiant, attention-grabbing smile is what you’re after, then you’ve landed in the right spot.


The modern era of dentistry offers a fresh start with dentures. At Cottage Hill Dental Care, we believe in replacing lost teeth with dentures that not only function like the real deal but also feel and look natural. Our Smile Gallery showcases the kind of “Before & After” transformation we’re talking about, and our patients’ reviews echo our commitment to excellence.


Veneers are your ticket to a smile makeover. These thin shells, designed to cover the front of the teeth, offer dramatic changes, hiding minor imperfections or completely changing the appearance of your smile. And the best part? Veneers at Cottage Hill aren’t just about beauty; they’re built to last. With various options available, we tailor the experience based on your needs and budget.

Teeth Whitening

A classic desire, brighter teeth can lift your spirits like nothing else. Our teeth whitening services are designed to be efficient, safe, and to offer stellar results. And for those spots that seem stubborn? We have dental bonding in our arsenal. All of this, and we’ve managed to keep the prices affordable because everyone deserves to beam brightly.

What to Expect During Your Exam with Our Cosmetic Dentist

Stepping into Cottage Hill Dental Care, you’re greeted with warmth and genuine care. Dr. Mohammad Al-Asadi will take his time assessing your teeth, understanding your dental goals, and guiding you toward the best services. Our philosophy centers on open communication. Whether it’s about procedures, potential costs, or even post-care, we’re here to answer.

Pricing and Insurance

Money matters, and we understand that. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing — you’ll know what to expect without any hidden surprises. Insurance can be a maze, but not to worry: we’re well-versed and accept most plans, always ready to guide you through the process. Not insured or looking for payment options? We have several tailored plans to ensure everyone gets their chance at a dreamy smile.

Get Started by Making an Appointment Today

The journey to your best smile is only a call away. Reach out to us at (630) 530-7998, and let’s make give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. With a reputation as the best in Elmhurst, we’re not just about claims — our top reviews stand as a testament to our commitment and care.